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  1. Afraid Of The Dark   (Stacey Earle, Steve Earle)   [performed live by Stacey]
  2. All Of My Life   (Steve Earle)
  3. All My Tears   (Buddy and Julie Miller)   [performed live]
  4. Amerika v. 6.0 (The Best We Can Do)  (Steve Earle)
  5. Angel Is The Devil   (Steve Earle)
  6. Angry Young Man   (Steve Earle, John Porter McMeans)
  7. Annie, Is Tonight The Night   (Steve Earle)
  8. Another Town   (Steve Earle)
  9. Arianne   (Scott Miller, Steve Earle)   [recorded by V-roys]
  10. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?   (Waylon Jennings)   [performed live]
  11. As Long As Love's Been Around   (Steve Earle, John Scott Sherrill)   [recorded by Steve Wariner]
  12. Ashes to Ashes  (Steve Earle)
  13. B

  14. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down   (Eric Von Schmidt)   [performed live]
  15. Baby's In Black   (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)   [performed live]
  16. Back To The Wall   (Steve Earle)
  17. Ballad Of Dick And Jane, The   (Steve Earle, Rob Newhouse)   [written c.1970 in high school by Steve and Rob]
  18. Before They Make Me Run   (Keith Richards, Michael Philip Jagger)
  19. Ben McCulloch   (Steve Earle)
  20. Bible And A Gun, A   (Steve Earle, Jason Ringenberg)   [recorded by Jason & The Scorchers]
  21. Billy And Bonnie   (Steve Earle)
  22. Billy Austin   (Steve Earle)
  23. Blue Yodel #9   (Jimmie Rodgers)
  24. Blues Got The Best Of Me   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's pre-Guitar Town demos*]
  25. Boy Who Never Cried, The   (Steve Earle)
  26. Brand New Companion   (Townes Van Zandt)   [performed live]
  27. Breakdown Lane   (Denis R. Colby)
  28. Breed   (Kurt Cobain)
  29. Brown And Root   (Rodney Crowell)   [performed live]
  30. C

  31. Cadillac   (Cadillac Holmes)
  32. California Cottonfields   (Merle Haggard)   [performed live
  33. Candy Man   (Mississippi John Hurt)
  34. Carrie Brown   (Steve Earle)
  35. CCKMP   (Steve Earle)
  36. Christmas In Washington   (Steve Earle)
  37. Close Your Eyes   (Steve Earle)
  38. Cocaine   (Gary Davis)   [performed live with Jackson Browne]
  39. Comin Round   (Steve Earle)
  40. Condi Condi   (Steve Earle)
  41. Connemara Breakdown   (Steve Earle)
  42. Conspiracy Theory  (Steve Earle)
  43. Continental Trailways Blues   (Steve Earle)
  44. Copperhead Road   (Steve Earle)
  45. Country Girl   (Steve Earle)
  46. Country Song, A   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]
  47. Creepy Jackelope Eye   (Ed Daly, Dan Bolton, Dan Siegal, Ron Heathman)
  48. Cross The River To You  (Steve Earle)   [copyright 6 Dec '78 - info found on the Library Of Congress web site]
  49. Crush, The   (John Hiatt)
  50. Cry Myself To Sleep   (Paul Hardy Kennerley)
  51. Cry Night After Night   (Stacey Earle, Mark Stuart, Steve Earle)
  52. Crying, Waiting, Hoping   (Buddy Holly)  [with Marty Stuart] 
  53. D

  54. Daddy & Me Played Swing   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]
  55. Dallas   (Jimmie Dale Gilmore)  [performed live]
  56. Darlin' Commit Me   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]  [performed live]
  57. Dead Flowers   (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
  58. Devil's Right Hand   (Steve Earle)  [Early Tracks]
  59. Devil's Right Hand, The   (Steve Earle)  [Copperhead Road]
  60. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (and Loud, Loud Music)   (Max Fidler, Joe Maphis, Rose Lee Maphis)   [performed live]
  61. Dirty Old Town   (Ewan MacColl)   [a "hidden track" on Bap Kennedy's CD Domestic Blues — a duet by Steve and Bap]
  62. Dixieland   (Steve Earle)
  63. Dominick St.   (Steve Earle, Sharon Shannon)
  64. Don't Take Your Guns To Town   (Johnny Cash)   [Steve sings on Jerry Douglas' album Restless OnThe Farm]

  65. Down On My Luck   (Steve Earle, Tom Benjamin)   [copyright 28 Sep '81 - info found on the Library Of Congress web site]
  66. Down The Road   (Steve Earle) 
  67. E

  68. Elijah's Church   (Steve Earle)   [part of the song performed live on the video Heartworn Highways; a sound file of Steve's demo is available here]
  69. Ellis Unit One   (Steve Earle)
  70. Esmeralda’s Hollywood   (Steve Earle, Maria McKee)
  71. Even When I’m Blue   (Steve Earle)
  72. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby   (Carl Perkins)   [performed live with Bruce Springsteen]
  73. Everyone's In Love With You  (Steve Earle)
  74. F

  75. F The CC   (Steve Earle)
  76. Far Cry From You, A   (Steve Earle)
  77. Fearless Heart   (Steve Earle)
  78. Feel Alright   (Steve Earle)
  79. First Fool In Line, The   (Steve Earle)
  80. Flip, Flop And Fly   (Charles Calhoun)   [performed live]
  81. For Better Or Worse   (Steve Earle)
  82. Fortunate Son   [CCR]   [performed live w/ Pearl Jam and Sleater-Kinney]
  83. Francine   (Billy Gibbons, Kenny Cordray, Steve Perron)   [performed live]
  84. Ft. Worth Blues   (Steve Earle)

  85. G

  86. Galway Girl, The   (Steve Earle)
  87. Get Together   (Dino Valenti)   [performed live]
  88. Go Amanda  (Steve Earle, Sheryl Crow)
  89. Goodbye   (Steve Earle)
  90. Goodbye's All We've Got Left   (Steve Earle)
  91. Good Ol' Boy   (Gettin' Tough)   (Steve Earle, Richard Bennett)
  92. Goodnight Irene   [traditional - credited to Huddie Ledbetter [Leadbelly], John A. Lomax]   [performed live]
  93. Graveyard Shift, The   (Steve Earle)
  94. Gringo's Tale, The   (Steve Earle)
  95. Guitar Town   (Steve Earle) 
  96. H

  97. Halfway Home   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's pre-Guitar Town demos*]
  98. Halo Around The Moon   (Steve Earle)
  99. Hangmen   (Bill Lyerly, Jordan Koronet)   [Steve duets with Bill Lyerly on Bill's Railroad Station Blues]
  100. Hard-Core Troubadour   (Steve Earle)
  101. Hardin Wouldn't Run   (John R. Cash)   [Steve sings on A Tribute To The Songs Of Johnny Cash]
  102. Harlan Man   (Steve Earle)
  103. Have Mercy   (Steve Earle)
  104. Heartache To Heartache   (Steve Earle, Ronald Kling)   [copyright 24 Sep '81 - info found on the Library Of Congress web site]
  105. Heatin' Up   (Steve Earle, Walter Carter)
  106. Here I Am   (Steve Earle)
  107. High Fashion Queen  (Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman)  [with Chris Hillman]
  108. Hillbilly Highway   (Steve Earle, Jimbeau Hinson)
  109. Hole In My Heart   (Steve Earle, Richard J. Dobson)
  110. Home To Houston   (Steve Earle)
  111. Hometown Blues   (Steve Earle)
  112. Honey Don't  (Carl Perkins) [with Joe Walsh]
  113. Honey On The Highway   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]
  114. Honky Tonk Man  (Johnny Horton)  [performed live]
  115. Hopeless Romantics   (Steve Earle)
  116. Hot Enough For Ya   (Steve Earle, Walter Carter)
  117. Hurtin' Me, Hurtin' You   (Steve Earle) 
  118. I

  119. I Ain't Ever Satisfied   (Steve Earle)
  120. I Can Wait   (Steve Earle)
  121. I Can't Help It   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's pre-Guitar Town demos*]
  122. I Don't Want To Lose You Yet   (Steve Earle)
  123. I Fought The Law  (Sonny Curtis)  [performed live]
  124. I Love You Too Much   (Steve Earle)
  125. I Remember You  (Steve Earle)
  126. I Still Carry You Around   (Steve Earle)
  127. I Thought I Was Dreaming   (Greg Trooper, Steve Earle)   [recorded by Greg Trooper]
  128. I Thought You Should Know   (Steve Earle)
  129. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew   (Tom T. Hall)   [performed live by Steve and the Del McCoury Band with Iris DeMent]
  130. I Won't Be Your Next In Line   (Steve Earle)
  131. I'll Be Coming Around  [a Bottle Rockets song]  [performed live]
  132. I'll Keep It With Mine   (Bob Dylan)    [performed live]
  133. I'm A Lover   (Steve Earle)  [from Steve's pre-Guitar Town demos*]
  134. I'm Looking Through You   (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
  135. I'm Not Gettin' Any Better At Goodbye   (Steve Earle)
  136. I'm Still Around   (Steve Earle, Jimbeau Hinson)
  137. I'm Still In Love With You   (Steve Earle)
  138. If I Needed Someone   (George Harrison)   [performed live]
  139. If I Should Fall From Grace With God   (Shane McGowan)   [performed live]
  140. If She Only Knew You Said Goodbye   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's pre-Guitar Town demos*]
  141. If You Fall  (Steve Earle)
  142. If You Need A Fool   (Steve Earle)
  143. In The Jailhouse Now   (Jimmie Rodgers)  [with the V-Roys]
  144. IRS And The Devil, The   (Steve Earle)   [copyright 6 Dec '78 - info found on the Library Of Congress web site]
  145. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry   (Bob Dylan)   [performed live]
  146. It's All Up To You   (Steve Earle, Harry Stinson) 
  147. J

  148. Jerusalem(Steve Earle)
  149. John Walker's Blues  (Steve Earle)
  150. Johnny Come Lately   (Steve Earle)
  151. Juanita   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]  [performed live]
  152. Johnny Too Bad   (Winston Bailey, Roy Beckford, Derrick Leapold Crooks, Delroy George Wilson)
  153. Justice in Ontario   (Steve Earle) 
  154. K

  155. Kind, The  (Steve Earle)
  156. L

  157. Last Gunfighter Ballad, The   (Guy Clark)   [recorded for Guy's 60th birthday]
  158. Lay Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor   [performed live]
  159. Leroy's Dustbowl Blues   (Steve Earle)
  160. Let's Get Together   (The Youngbloods)   [performed live]
  161. Limousine Blues   (Lightin' Hopkins)   [performed live]
  162. Little Bit In Love, A   (Steve Earle)
  163. Little Sister   (Greg Trooper)
  164. Little Rock 'N' Roller   (Steve Earle)
  165. Live Wire   (Steve Earle, John Scott Sherrill)   [recorded by Zellar Lehr]
  166. Long, Lonesome Highway Blues   (Steve Earle)
  167. Lonelier Than This   (Steve Earle)
  168. Love Match  (Buddy Miller)  [with Buddy Miller]   [performed live]
  169. Love's To Blame   (Mary Cutrufello, Steve Earle)   [recorded by Mary Cutrufello]
  170. Lucy Dee   (Steve Earle)   [performed live]   [recorded by Vince Gill]
  171. Lungs   (Townes Van Zandt)   [performed live
  172. Luxury Liner   (Gram Parsons)   [performed live
  173. M

  174. Me And The Eagle   (Steve Earle)
  175. Mercenary Song   (Steve Earle)
  176. Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold   (Townes Van Zandt)   [performed live]
  177. More Than I Can Do   (Steve Earle)
  178. Mountain, The   (Steve Earle)
  179. Mustang Wine   (Stephen Earle)   [from Steve's mexico demos*]
  180. My Baby Worships Me   (Steve Earle)
  181. My Back Pages   (Bob Dylan)
  182. My Old Friend The Blues   (Steve Earle)  [Uncut Gems]
  183. My Old Friend The Blues   (Steve Earle)   [Guitar Town]
  184. My Uncle   (Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman)
  185. My Uncle Used To Love Me But Then She Died  (Roger Miller)   [performed live]
  186. Mystery Train Part II   (Steve Earle)
  187. N

  188. N.Y.C.   (Steve Earle)
  189. Nashville Cats   (John Sebastian)   [performed live]
  190. Natural Born Gambling Man   (Merle Travis)   [performed live]
  191. Nebraska   (Bruce Springsteen)
  192. Never Really Been In Love Before   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's discography/mexico demos*]
  193. No. 29   (Steve Earle)   [Uncut Gems]
  194. No. 29   (Steve Earle)   [Exit 0]
  195. No Deal  (Townes Van Zandt)   [performed live]
  196. No Reply   (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)   [performed live]
  197. Note, The   (Stacey Earle, Mark Stuart, Steve Earle)
  198. Northern Winds   (Norman Blake)
  199. Nothin' But You   (Steve Earle)
  200. Nothin' Without You   (Steve Earle)
  201. Nothing But A Child   (Steve Earle)
  202. Now She's Gone   (Steve Earle)
  203. Now We've Gone And Done It   (Steve Earle, Elliot Tarabour)   [c.1981-1982, Chapparal Music]
  204. Nowhere Road   (Steve Earle, Reno Kling) 
  205. O

  206. Old Friends   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]
  207. Once You Love   (Steve Earle, Larry Crane)
  208. Open Up Your Door   (Steve Earle)
  209. Open Your Window   (Steve Earle)
  210. Other Kind, The   (Steve Earle)
  211. Other Side Of Town, The  (Steve Earle)
  212. Outlaw's Honeymoon   (Steve Earle)
  213. Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song)   (Steve Earle) 
  214. P

  215. Paddy On The Beat   (Steve Earle)
  216. Paradise   (Alejandro Escovedo)    [Tribute Album Por Vida]
  217. Pick Up The Tempo  (Willie Nelson)   [Steve joins The Thompson Brothers Band on Blame It On The Dog]
  218. Pilgrim   (Steve Earle)
  219. Play It Sam   (Steve Earle & Jools Holland)[from Jools Holland's Jack O The Green cd]
  220. Poison Love  (Mrs. Elmer Laird)   [Steve joins Buddy Miller on Poison Love]
  221. Poison Lovers  (Steve Earle)
  222. Poor Boy   (Steve Earle)
  223. Promise You Anything   (Steve Earle, Maria McKee, Patrick Suggs)  [Uncut Gems]
  224. Promise You Anything   (Steve Earle, Maria McKee, Patrick Suggs)   [The Hard Way]
  225. Q


  226. Racing In The Street   (Bruce Springsteen)   [performed live]
  227. Rain Came Down, The   (Steve Earle, Michael Woody)
  228. Raleigh And Spencer   [performed live with the Del McCoury Band and the Bluegrass Dukes]
  229. Reconsider Me    (Warren Zevon)
  230. Regular Guy   (Steve Earle)
  231. Revolution   (Lennon/McCartney) [Performed Live ]
  232. Revolution Starts, The   (Steve Earle)
  233. Revolution Starts...Now, The   (Steve Earle)
  234. Rex's Blues   (Townes Van Zandt)   [performed live]
  235. Rich Mans War   (Steve Earle)
  236. Rivers Of Babylon   (B. Crowe, J. McNaughton, G. Reyam, F. Farian) 
  237. S

  238. Sailor Man   (Jimmy Driftwood)
  239. San Antonio Girl   (Steve Earle)
  240. Sara's Angel   (Steve Earle)
  241. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning   (David Olney)   [performed live]
  242. Seeker, The   (Steve Earle)
  243. Shadowland(Steve Earle)
  244. Shake, Rattle And Roll   (Charles Calhoun)   [performed live]
  245. She Can't Break My Heart   (Steve Earle, Alice Randall)
  246. She's A Woman   (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)   [performed live]
  247. She's About A Mover   (Doug Sahm)
  248. She's So Mean   (Steve Earle, Walter Carter)
  249. Sincerely (Too Late To Turn Back Now)   (Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen, Jr.)   [recorded by Kelly Willis]
  250. Sin City  (Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman)
  251. Six Days On The Road   (Earl Green, Carl Montgomery)
  252. Slippin' Away   (Steve Earle, Chris Gates, David Roach)   [recorded by Junkyard]
  253. Snake Oil   (Steve Earle)
  254. So Different Blues   (Mance Lipscomb)   [performed live]
  255. Some Blue Moons Ago   (Steve Earle, Richard Bennett)
  256. Some Dreams   (Steve Earle)
  257. Someday   (Steve Earle)
  258. Someone's Got To Do It   (Steve Earle, Alice Randall)
  259. Somethin' Else   (Eddie Cochran)   [performed live]
  260. Somethin' To Hold On To   (Steve Earle)
  261. Sometimes She Forgets   (Steve Earle)  [Uncut Gems]
  262. Sometimes She Forgets   (Steve Earle)   [Train A Comin']
  263. Somewhere Out There   (Steve Earle)
  264. Songs About Mexico   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]
  265. Sorry Dwayne   (Steve Earle)   [recorded for the TV show Houston Nights but never used]
  266. Sorry Sue   (Steve Earle, Scott Miller)   [recorded by V-roys]
  267. South Nashville Blues   (Steve Earle)
  268. Squeeze Me In   (Steve Earle)
  269. State Trooper   (Bruce Springsteen)
  270. Steve's Last Ramble   (Steve Earle)
  271. Strange Lover  (Julie Miller)  [with Julie Miller]   [performed live]
  272. Sugar Baby   (Dock Boggs)
  273. Summer Wages   (Ian Tyson)   [performed live]
  274. Sun Down   (Gordon Lightfoot)   [performed live]
  275. Sundance   (Steve  Earle, ??)  [on a Guilt CD EP]
  276. Sure Thing  (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's pre-Guitar Town demos*]
  277. Sweet Little '66   (Steve Earle)
  278. Sweet Virginia  (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
  279. T

  280. Take It Or Leave It   (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)   [performed live]
  281. Taneytown   (Steve Earle)
  282. Tecumseh Valley   (Townes Van Zandt)
  283. Telephone Road   (Steve Earle)
  284. Texas Doesn't Feel As Much Like Home   (Steve Earle)   [copyright 6 Dec '78 - info found on the Library Of Congress web site]
  285. Texas Eagle   (Steve Earle)
  286. Think It Over   (Steve Earle, Richard Bennett)
  287. This Highway’s Mine (Roadmaster)   (Steve Earle)
  288. This Land Is My Land   (Woodie Guthrie)   [performed live with other artists – included on the Freedom Sings v/a benefit album]
  289. Time Has Come Today  (Joseph Chambers, Willie Chambers)
  290. Tired Of Being Treated This Way   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]
  291. To Live's To Fly   (Townes Van Zandt)   [performed live]
  292. Tom Ames’ Prayer   (Steve Earle)   [Uncut Gems]
  293. Tom Ames’ Prayer   (Steve Earle)   [Train A Comin']
  294. Tom Dooley   [traditional]
  295. Transcendental Blues   (Steve Earle)
  296. Travellin' This Lonesome Road   (a song done by Bill Monroe)  [performed live by Steve and the Del McCoury Band]
  297. Truth, The  (Steve Earle)
  298. Two Girls   (Townes Van Zandt)
  299. U

  300. Until The Day I Die   (Steve Earle)   [performed live]
  301. Unrepentant, The   (Steve Earle)
  302. Usual Time   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's pre-Guitar Town demos*
  303. V

  304. Valentine's Day   (Steve Earle) 
  305. W

  306. Waiting On You   (Steve Earle, Richard Bennett)
  307. Walking Down Death Row   (Pete Seeger)
  308. Warrior   (Steve Earle)
  309. We Gotta Stop Cheatin' Like This   (Elliot Tarabour, Steve Earle)   [c.1981-1982, Chapparal Music]
  310. We'll Look Back   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's pre-Guitar Town demos*]
  311. We're From Texas   (Steve Earle)   [from Steve's Mexico demos*]
  312. Week Of Living Dangerously, The   (Steve Earle)
  313. We Gotta Stop Cheatin' Like This   (Elliot Tarabour, Steve Earle)
  314. West Nashville Boogie   (Steve Earle)
  315. What'll You Do About Me?   (Dennis Linde)
  316. What's a Simple Man to Do?  (Steve Earle)
  317. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?  (Nick Lowe)   [performed live]
  318. What's Your Name   (Gary Rossington, Ronnie Van Zandt)
  319. Wheels   (Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman)   [performed live]
  320. When I Fall   (Steve Earle)
  321. When The Mornin' Comes   (Steve Earle, Dave Gibson)
  322. When The People Find Out   (Steve Earle)
  323. When Will We Be Married?   [traditional]   (an Irish folk song)   [performed live]
  324. When You Fall In Love   (John Scott Sherrill, Steve Earle)   [recorded by Johnny Lee]
  325. Wherever I Go   (Steve Earle)
  326. While You Sleep   (Charlie Sexton, Steve Earle)   [recorded by Charlie Sexton]
  327. White Freight Liner Blues   (Townes Van Zandt)   [performed live and on the Rig Rock Deluxe v/a compilation]
  328. Who Do You Love?   (Bo Diddley)   [performed live]
  329. Wild Thing   [performed live]
  330. Willin'   (Lowell T. George)
  331. Windfall   (Jay Farrar)   [a Son Volt song]   [performed live]
  332. Window Song, The   (Scott Miller, Mic Harrison, Steve Earle)   [recorded by V-roys]
  333. X


  334. You Belong To Me   (Steve Earle)
  335. You Know The Rest   (Steve Earle)
  336. You Tear Me Up   (Steve Earle, Alice Randall)
  337. You're Still Standing There   (Steve Earle)
  338. Yours Forever Blue   (Steve Earle)
  339. Z

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* song titles from Steve's demos may not be accurate, and there may be unlisted co-writers