Steve Earle
The Hard Way

Last updated:  19 March 2001

The Hard Way album cover


Steve Earle: acoustic guitar, electric guitars, mandolin, Mandoblaster, 6-string bass, guitar synthesizer on BillyAustin, percussion program on This Highway's Mine, harmonies on Justice In Ontario and Hopeless Romantics, motorcycle

The Dukes:
Bucky Baxter:  Mullins pedal steel guitar
Ken Moore:  organ, synthesizer and string arrangements on Esmeralda's Hollywood
Zip Gibson:  electric guitars and vocals
KellyLooney:  bass and vocals
Craig Wright:  drums

John Jarvis:  piano
Lester Snell:  organ on When The People Find Out
Patrick Earle:  percussion
Stacey Earle Mims:  harmony on Promise You Anything

background vocals on Close Your EyesWilliam C. Brown, Susan Jerome, Patricia Snell

background vocals on When The People Found OutThe Christ Missionary Baptist Church Choir, Memphis, TN

background chorus on Regular Guy (a bunch of white people directed by Skott Nelson):  Scot Bonner, Stacey Mims, Amy Dotson, Ian Earle, Chip Phillips, Katryna Haddrick, Patrick Earle, BillySteel, Denis Colby, Chuck Allen, Doug Baker, BillyBaker, Ken Moore, Peter Keppler, Zip Gibson, Robyn Gibson, Tommy McRae, Craig Wright, KellyLooney, Justin Earle

Lyrics for The Hard Way

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