Steve Earle
I Feel Alright

Last updated: 10 March 2001

Songs: I Feel Alright album cover
cover art:   Tony Fitzpatrick

Steve Earle:  guitars, harmonica, vocals
Guitars:  Richard Bennett, Ray Kennedy
Bass:  KellyLooney, Garry W. Tallent, Roy Huskey Jr., Ric Kipp
Drums:  Kurt Custer, Greg Morrow, Rick Schell
Organ:  Ken Moore
Harmonium:  Richard Bennett
Percussion:  Kurt Custer, Richard Bennett, Greg Morrow, Dub Cornett
Vocals:  Custer & Logan, The Fairfield Four (Musical Director: Mark Prentice), Lucinda Williams
Ms. Williams' stunt double: Siobhan Maher
Strings arranged and conducted by Kris Wilkerson
Violins:  Carl Gorodetzky, Pamela Sixfin, Richard Grosjean
Viola:  Lee Larrison
Cello:  Robert Mason

You're Still Standing There is a duet with Lucinda Williams.

Lyrics for I Feel Alright

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