Steve Earle

This Highway's Mine

a compilation of previous/lyrics/ly released material

Last updated: 18 March 2001

This Highway's Mine cover


I Ain't Ever Satisfied  (Steve Earle)
My Old Friend The Blues  (Steve Earle)
Copperhead Road  (Steve Earle)
Little Rock N' Roller  (Steve Earle)
Back To The Wall  (Steve Earle)
Goodbye's All We've Got Left  (Steve Earle)
Fearless Heart  (Steve Earle)
It's All Up To You  (Steve Earle, Harry Stinson)
Hopeless Romantics  (Steve Earle)
Once You Love  (Steve Earle, Larry Crane)
Nothing But A Child  (Steve Earle)
Snake Oil  (Steve Earle)
Close Your Eyes  (Steve Earle)
This Highway’s Mine (Roadmaster)  (Steve Earle)

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