Steve Earle

Ain't Ever Satisfied - The Steve Earle Collection

a compilation of previouslyreleased material

Last updated: 1 February 1998

Ain't Ever Satisfied album cover


disc 1
Guitar Town   (Steve Earle)
Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)  (Steve Earle, Richard Bennett)
Hillbilly Highway  (Steve Earle, Jimbeau Hinson)
My Old Friend The Blues  (Steve Earle)
Fearless Heart  (Steve Earle)
Think It Over  (Steve Earle, Richard Bennett)
Someday   (Steve Earle)
Goodbye's All We've Got Left  (Steve Earle)
State Trooper  [live]   (Bruce Springsteen)
I Ain't Ever Satisfied  (Steve Earle)
Nowhere Road  (Steve Earle, Reno Kling)
The Rain Came Down  (Steve Earle, Michael Woody)
I Love You Too Much  (Steve Earle)
The Week Of Living Dangerously  (Steve Earle)
Continental Trailways Blues   (Steve Earle)
Six Days On The Road  (Earl Green, Carl Montgomery)

disc 2
Copperhead Road  (Steve Earle)
Snake Oil   (Steve Earle)
Even When Iím Blue  (Steve Earle)
Devil's Right Hand  (Steve Earle)
Nothing But A Child  (Steve Earle)
Johnny Come Lately  (Steve Earle)
Dead Flowers  [live] (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
The Other Kind  (Steve Earle)
When The People Find Out  (Steve Earle)
Billy Austin  (Steve Earle)
She's About A Mover [live]   (Doug Sahm)
West Nashville Boogie [live]  (Steve Earle)

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