Steve Earle
The Devil's Right Hand ó
An Introduction To Steve Earle
a compilation of previously released material

Last updated: 10 March 2001


My Old Friend The Blues   (Steve Earle)
Fearless Heart   (Steve Earle)
Little Rock 'N' Roller   (Steve Earle)
Little Sister  [live]  (Greg Trooper)
Sweet Little '66   (Steve Earle)
San Antonio Girl   (Steve Earle)
The Rain Came Down   (Steve Earle, Michael Woody)
The Devil's Right Hand   (Steve Earle)
Even When Iím Blue   (Steve Earle)
You Belong To Me   (Steve Earle)
The Other Kind   (Steve Earle)
Hopeless Romantics   (Steve Earle)
Billy Austin   (Steve Earle)
Regular Guy   (Steve Earle)
Close Your Eyes   (Steve Earle)
She's About A Mover  [live]  (Doug Sahm)
Dead Flowers  [live]  (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)

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