Rig Rock Deluxe

Last updated:  15 July1999

Steve Earle has a contribution on the Rig Rock Deluxe album that was released 3 September 1996 on the Diesel Only/Upstart label.   Steve's song is a live version of Townes Van Zandt's White Freight Liner Blues.

Steve recorded the song live on the Train A Comin' tour in 1995, along with Peter Rowan, Norman Blake, and Roy Huskey Jr..

The songs on the album are:

  1. Truck Driving Man - Don Walser (Terry Fell)
  2. Will There Be Big Rigs In Heaven - Buck Owens & The Buckeroos (Jim Shaw)
  3. Nitro Express - Red Simpson & Junior Brown (Roberts/S. Turner/J. Thornton)
  4. Miss Marie & The Bedford Blaze - Marty Stuart (Marty Stuart)
  5. Truckstop Girl - KellyWillis (Lowell George/Bill Payne)
  6. Mother Trucker - Shaver (Billy Joe Shaver/David Waddell)
  7. Looking at the World Through a Windshield - Son Volt (J. Chesnut/M. Hoyer)
  8. Diesel, Diesel, Diesel - Del Reeves & Jim Lauderdale (Jim Lauderdale/Jeremy Tepper/Del Reeves)
  9. Wagon Of Clay - Cheri Knight (Cheri Knight)
  10. White Freight Liner Blues - Steve Earle (Townes Van Zandt)
  11. Produced by Steve Earle
    Recorded live on the Train A Comin' tour, 1995.
    Steve Earle:   guitar, vocals
    Peter Rowen:   mandolin
    Norman Blake:   dobro
    Roy Husky, Jr.:   bass.
  12. Highway Junkie - The Yayhoos (Chris Knight/Sam Tate/Annie Tate)
  13. Semi Truck - Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun (Bill Kirchen/BillyC. Farlow)
  14. Mama Was a Rock (Daddy was a Rolling Stone) - Kay Adams & BR5-49 (Buck Moore/Johnny MaCrae/Steve Clark)
  15. I'm Comin' Home - Nick Lowe & The Impossible Birds (T. Franks/J. Horton)
  16. Truck Drivin' Man (Give It All I Can) - Bottle Rockets (R. Parr)
  17. Six Days on the Road - Rig Rock Deluxe (featuring Dale Watson, Rosie Flores, Wayne Hancock, Kim Richey, Jon Langford, Toni Price, Lou Whitney & The Skeletons   (Earl Green/Carl Montgomery)

the following is a recent review by Lee Nichols in the Austin (Texas) Chronicle.

      Grade: 4.5 stars

I've always stronglysuspected Jeremy Tepper was a mad genius; now, I have firm proof. Tepper, leader of the World Famous Blue Jays, keeps spitting out these wonderful alt-country compilations on his Diesel Only / Upstart label that are chock full of meaty chunks of inspired country music, usually with a lean toward trucker culture.

This is the crown jewel of his vision, with a roster that borders on mind-boggling, including a coup of getting Buck Owens, Del Reeves, and Red Simpson. Listing highlights is pointless the whole album is a highlight. Simpson and Reeves, two of the towering pillars of the truck-driver country genre, team up with Junior Brown and Jim Lauderdale, respectively, for rollicking good tracks.

Brown affirms that, had his heyday been 1966 instead of 1996, he'd be their peer rather than just an admirer, and in consideration for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Other Austinites (and semi-Austinites) register a strong presence throughout the album, with Don Walser's solid opener, "Truck Driving Man," followed by tracks from KellyWillis (accompanied by Son Volt, who also have their own cut), Shaver, and a makeshift confederation called Rig Rock Deluxe that includes Dale Watson, Rosie Flores, Wayne Hancock, Toni Price, Caspar Rawls, and Gurf Morlix.

Steve Earle covers "White Freight Liner" with all the respect you'd expect of a man who considers Townes Van Zandt to be God on earth; Cheri Knight (formerly of the Blood Oranges) and the Bottle Rockets show why they're the darlings of alt-country deejays nationwide; and Marty Stuart and BR5-49 provide two rare reasons for not launching B-52 raids on Nashville.

Weak points are few and minor, and surprisingly, one of them comes from Buck Owens, as he obviouslyhasn't fullyrecovered from his throat ailments. If you've been trying to decide whether to pay the rent or buy an album, go for this disc you can crash at a friend's house, and he'll probablybe glad to let you play this constantlyon his stereo.

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