7 and 11 June 1998

7 June 1998

Greetings from the Texas "Journey of Hope – From Violence to Healing" 

I'm out here on the road with these heroes of mine until the 12th when I meet the Dukes in Memphis.  I guess I decided to put my action where my words are.  We are in Dallas now, San antonio tomorrow through Thursday.  Austin Friday through Sunday (we started in Houston on the 29th).  The journey is 17 days of action against and information about the death penalty, around the state of Texas led by the FAMILIES OF MURDER VICTIMS.  Sister Helen Prejean will join us in San Antonio Tuesday and I will perform at rallies in all of these cities.

Our company includes Sam Reese Sheppard, Sunny Jacobs, George White and Randall Dale Adams.  Texas is not suiting up and showing up at our events.  We expected it to be tough down here, but this makes me ashamed to be a Texan.

DON'T COME OUT ANYWAY AND BE COUNTED!!!!!  ABOLITION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steve earle

11 June 1998

Hey Now,

I've got a minute to write so here goes – we are in Austin.  San Antonio was great.  Sister Helen is with us now, and the crowds are good.  My home town came through!  Tonight the state of Texas is preparing to kill Clifford Boggus.  The guards are filling the syringes and checking the straps on the gurney.  By now they have rehearsed this murder until they could destroy Cliff Boggus in their sleep.  We on the Journey are preparing, as well there are boxes of t-shirts and books to load, as well as boxes of candles.  Some of us are on their way to Huntsville to hold a vigil outside the walls.  The rest of us will gather at the capital here in Austin.  I'll sing Ellis Unit One.  This is as close as I've ever been to a state sanctioned homicide—the most aware I've ever been—the most plugged in—God help us.



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