Galway, Ireland

last updated:  12 March 2001

greetings from ireland. i'm in galway working on short stories. if i stay in the groove and the weather stays like this i should come home with a book.  the west coast of ireland has the most unsettled weather i've ever seen. it kinda reminds me of me.

yesterday i woke up and there was this big yellow thing in the sky. i didn't know what to make of it, so i went over the river to cafe du journal and consulted my old buddy chris, who knows everything there is to know about galway. i says to chris "chris" i says "there's this big fuckin' yellow thing in the sky. you should come and have a look."

so me and chris we're standin' out in the middle of quay street lookin' at the thing and after a little while i says to chris i says "chris, so what do you make of it." and chris he says "fuck if i know".  so i says to chris i says "chris, you don't reckon it's the sun, do ya?" and chris says " What'r ya talkin' the sun it's only november, fer fucksake."  "oh yeah" i says. "well, i guess it's alright then"

see ya in the spring

11 November 1998

Mid-December '98, Steve returned home from a couple of months spent in Ireland.  He was busy working (writing short stories and at least one new song, Galway Girl), and did a few shows while he was there, too.

Word has it that Steve's last show, 15 Dec, was recorded to contribute to a Irish TV documentary RTE is preparing on Steve for a 1999 broadcast.

  14 Dec 1998
Steve and his new pipe
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December 1998 Roisín Dubh graphics
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November 1998 Roisín Dubh graphics
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