Steve's message posted to an AOL
 message board on 10 June 2000

last updated:  12 March 2001

posted to an AOL message board on 10 June 2000:

I haven't looked at this board in months and when I do, I'm gettin' my ass kicked.  Oh well.  Anyway, I'm not that well yet and sometimes I get my feelings hurt and let it go, and sometimes like now I feel the need to adress it.  But just for the record:  I did say that I would move if this state ever executed anyone.  I meant it at the time the time being before it actually happened.  When I got on the other side of an event that I've spent five years of my life working to prevent, I CHANGED MY FUCKING MIND based on several factors some of which are nobody's business and one very public one.  I'm not going out like that.  This is my home and I love this state.  So I'm staying.  If that makes me hypocrytical in the eyes of some folks so be it.  At any rate, it ain't about covenience.  Anybody who knows me will tell you I don't do covenience.  And at least I did manage to start a dialogue about the death penalty on a message board that normally deals with such burning issues as 
"who's cuter Jay or Jeff".  Hey, that's something anyway.

Steve Earle 

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